Managing Burnout


Burnout has been officially classified by the World Health Organization as a syndrome resulting from unmanaged workplace stress. It calls burnout “an occupational phenomenon.” Does endless emails, a demanding boss and a bottomless to-do list leave you feeling stressed and burned out from work? You’re not alone.

What are some signs you might be suffering from burnout? You’re often tired and unenergetic, not working as productively as you used to, have difficulty concentrating and have feelings of frustration and pessimism about your job.

Workplace stress can take a toll on your health. But most of us can’t just quit our job to solve the problem. Here are some ways to help combat that pressure from a demanding job.

Eat Right.  A healthy, well-balanced diet is key to building a solid foundation for managing stress. It will provide a stable metabolism that will minimize peaks and valleys in your energy levels.

Get Enough Sleep.  Feeling stressed out can make getting a good night’s sleep more difficult, but sleep is a really important stress reducer. Maintaining a healthy sleep routine restores the body, regulates mood and hones judgement.

Be Comfortable.  Physical discomfort can contribute to higher levels of stress. Make sure that your workspace is set up with ergonomics in mind and be sure to use good posture.

Exercise at Lunch.  If you can leave your desk and take a walk at lunchtime, DO IT! Physical activity releases stress-reducing chemicals and can help us to recharge for the second half of the day.

Establish Boundaries.  As difficult as it may be, try not to take your job home with you. Make a pledge to yourself that you will not check your work emails after a set time. Use your time away from the office to replenish your mental and emotional reserves.

As we practice controlling workplace stress, we can prevent burnout. And more great ideas, creativity and top-notch work come from a person that takes care of their physical, mental and emotional health.

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